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Fruit Baskets start from as little as £25.95 including low cost delivery by Post

Fed up with the usual flowers or chocolates? Our fruit baskets offer an exotic alternative to flowers. A truly versatile gift suitable for any occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, sympathy, thank you, new home, to say sorry, welcome a new baby or to thank a client for their valued business. Pomona fruit baskets direct website has been operating for 5 years, we only affiliate with the best fruit providers and never compromise on quality, and only the finest fresh quality fruit is included in the baskets.

Quality fruit baskets always produce a smile and they really offer a great well wishing gift for vitality and health.

simple fruit baskets
Simple Fruit Basket
Low cost fruit hamper
Value Fruit Tray
Cheap fruit basket
5-A-Day Basket
5 a day basket
Apple Juice Crate (2)
Eden fruits basket
Eden Fruit Basket
Freash Fruit basket
Fresh Fruit Tray
Orchard fruit basket.
Orchard Fruit Basket
Orchard freshest fruits, hand selected reuseable basket.
Traditional Basket
Traditional Fresh fruit Basket
Caribbean Basket
Festival Basket
Classic Fruit basket
Classic Fruit Basket
South Seas basket
South Seas Basket
Delight special fruit basket
Delights Basket
Plantation Fruit basket
Plantation Basket
Luxury Fruit basket
Luxury Fruit Basket
Paradise fruit hamper
Paradise Hamper
Tropical Fruit Baskets
Tropical Fruit Hamper
Exotic Fruit baskets
Exotic Fruit Hamper
Apple Juice Hamper
Apple Juice Crate(4)
Deluxe Fruit Basket
Deluxe Fruit Basket

What are fruit baskets?

A fruit basket is basically a basket of fruit, however to make it a great gify with alots of flare and hard work needs to go into making it look fantastic and taste great.

Fruit baskets Presentation

Presentation is everything, to give a fruit basket that initial wow factor it must be beautifully displayed and attractive to the eye.  Like ordering fuit in a fine dining resteraunt, presentation matters.  Using really attractive wicker baskets with carefully sourced shred material to bed the fruit into is a must.  Then quality materials need to be used for the artistic use of wrap and bows which really make the professional difference.

The fruit in the basket

Fruit must be ripe, or very close to it.  We want to give a fruit basket that can be eaten quickly.  Its no good giving someone a fruit basket and then saying they can’t eat any fruit for a few weeks.  Also the quality of fruit is really important.  Experiance operatives know the difference between average fruit and the type thats hitting its edible peak

Fruit basket Delivery Uk

The first choice for any fruit basket company would be hand delivery, its quick, personal and the company handles everything right to the customer.

The second best option is to use a specialised next day delivery company that handle your fruit basket package carefully and are highly reliable.  Its no good giving the customer bruised fruit and expect them to be happy, with fruit baskets presentation is everything.

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